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Maybe I’m Just Stuck in the 20th Century

By Glinda

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I saw this new electronic banking version of Monopoly and I thought, how could that be as fun?  I mean, wasn’t the whole power trip of “I’m the banker” and trying to rip off your younger siblings a major part of the appeal?  Who didn’t love finding out three quarters of the way through the game that all the five hundred bills were gone and that you had to go and make a bunch on your own? Or how about my husband’s version of the game, in which it was a family tradition to try and steal money from each other.  I’m thinking I would totally miss stacking up all my hundreds and twenties and sticking them under the board so I didn’t lose any of them, whether to an errant breeze or some sticky fingers.

On Amazon, they list the features of the game, and one of them is “An experience that capitalizes on today’s trend of a cashless society.” While I agree that we are moving to a cashless society, I’m not sure I would promote that as a reason to buy the game.

What about you?  Is it not the same without the itty bitty monies, or would an electronic version just make life that much easier?

11 Responses to “Maybe I’m Just Stuck in the 20th Century”

  1. Steph Says:

    It totally would not be the same. And, taking it a step further, as a parent, isn’t part of the game teaching your kids how to deal with the money and transactions? This has gone too far!

  2. Sonia Says:

    That totally ruins the ability to slip yourself an extra 500 bucks.

  3. Ash Says:

    Actually, I keep seeing the commercials and thinking this is the only way you’d ever get me to play this again. I’m pretty sure this would cut down the time needed for game play down by at least 25%.

  4. Twistie Says:

    How can one properly feel like a business mogal when there is no physical evidence (the cash) of one’s business acumen???? Cashless Monopoly would be as hollow to me as a version in which one doesn’t actually put tiny plastic houses and hotels on Park Ave., or one in which the player does not chortle wickedly when one’s sibling, parent, or partner arrives on that hotelled square while utterly skint and begs to make a deal.

    How can one properly feel like a Capitalist Running Pig Dog without filthy lucre in one’s hot little hands?

    Board games are not about reality. If they were, then Clue would have been sunk decades ago because while everyone knows a murder has been committed, they seem to have no notion where it was done or what weapon was used. After all, there’s a big, big difference between a knife wound and a blow to the head with a candlestick, but nobody seems able to tell them apart.

    No, board games are about the feel of them. Monopoly is not monopoly without cash. It just wouldn’t feel right to me at all.

  5. Awesome Mom Says:

    I agree with Twistie. There is nothing like holding a huge wad of money in your hands and gloating over your siblings.

  6. Ana Says:

    I was thinking the exact samething when I saw this new version. There’s no greater joy than feeling the bling in your fingers!

  7. dgm Says:

    If you can’t fan your pile of cash in the faces of the losers, what the hell good is the game?

  8. raincoaster Says:

    I think I must be related to your husband. In my house, anything went, including encouraging the cat and dog to walk across the board.

  9. Phyllis Says:

    Can’t wait for the hedge fund version.

  10. Meg Q Says:

    Well, is there any way to manipulate the “Banking Unit”? . . . that might make it worthwhile . . .

  11. the unfashionista Says:

    Monopoly is the only reason I know how to add.

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