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I Blame Arthur

By Glinda

It arrived in the mail last week.

The official sign that my son is growing up.

You see, in Halloweens past, it was me who basically suggested what he should have for a costume.  For the first three years or so, his input was pretty negligible.  I mean, the kid could barely talk, so if he had any objections to being Tigger when he was a baby, his articulation needed to be better than “Uuuuuggghhhh.” Really, that could be interpreted either way. When he got a little older, I kept him in deliberate ignorance of all the costume choices out there. 

This, year, it’s different. 

From an episode of “Arthur” he gleaned the information that Halloween costumes are supposed to be scary.  No cute costumes allowed, Mom, I was told.  So much for me holding that show in high esteem anymore. He wanted to scare the bejeebers out of everyone that sees him, and after looking through many costumes that fit his description of “ghost pirate,” I think he is going to accomplish that goal.

It makes me nervous

Actually, I think it scares him a little, he is just too stubborn to admit it. He doesn’t like the makeup as shown, so we won’t do it that way.  Maybe just a white face with some black around the eyes.  A kinder, gentler dead pirate guy, if you will.   Thank goodness the sword isn’t included in the costume, because I think it is a bit over the top.  And to think, he has never even seen any of the Pirate of the Caribbean movies.

My little boy is getting older. 

Sniff. Pass me that tissue, will you?

Forget the tissue, just give me the whole box.

5 Responses to “I Blame Arthur”

  1. Steph Says:

    Yikes! That is scary!! My girls are going as Wonder Woman and a puppy. No scaring going on around here.

    …and here’s a virtual tissue box.

  2. Beenzzz Says:

    That is kind of a scary costume! I feel your pain with the growing up thing. Pass me a box of tissue too and we can cry together.

  3. dgm Says:

    Nothing more huggable than a dead pirate yielding a cutlass. At least he’s not trying to be sexxy!

  4. raincoaster Says:

    Awwww, nothing is cuter than a wee little kid trying to be terrifying. But you can’t show that you think they’re cute! I love pretending to be scared when they come to the door. “Ooooooh, it’s a pirate! Will he take all our gold and make us walk the plank! AAaaaaaah! Here! Take the chocolate bars! Just take them!!!”

  5. chichimama Says:

    I figure I have one more year. This year C was on the fence, but decided that “next year I will do a scary costume.” Hope he doesn’t have nightmares…

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