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Come on Down- The Results

Sunday, October 7th, 2007
By Glinda

Click here if you don’t believe me!

Because the ever-gracious Annalucia asked so nicely, I will now pronounce the winner of our little guessing game.

It was called “cute, in a blingy sort of way” and “wow, is that bad.”

And that was the positive stuff.

With almost palpable contempt, it was called a “fugly little garment of doom,” “hideous,” and my favorite, “this looks like something a berserk mime would wear.”

Can you tell that it was a big hit?

And what would you say you would pay for the privilege of buying such a garment? A garment with such scorn heaped upon it?

My friends, you would pay a grand total of $119.95. Yes, in US dollars. Amazing, isn’t it? Go ahead and click on the picture if you don’t believe me.

Raincoaster guessed pretty darn close with $125.oo, but the rules state that you must not go over, so by a measly five bucks, she is out. You get the consolation prize of, well, nothing. Sorry!

So with that, the winner of the contest is LauraH with a guess of $89.00. LauraH, you now retain bragging rights. For whatever they are worth, anyway. Which isn’t much really, but let us all give her a collective standing internet ovation!

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