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Bad Ideas: Baby’s First Brands

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2007
By raincoaster

Who thought this was a good idea?

Baby’s First Brands

Because it’s never too early to learn what’s important in life.

Okay, it’s a joke. In fact, the whole atypyk site is full of these arch, hipsterish in-jokes. Check out their shower mic, made of solid sponge! One can only hope they were contacted to do the party favours for the Hollywood Purity Ball (I particularly like their colour-your-own cash, probably when you think about it a blogger’s best shot at making money). Hey, in retrospect, this is an idea whose time may indeed have come.

Because in a world where $1950 diaper bags exist, it’s never too late to start learning the important lessons in life.

via Counterfeit Chic.

The Croc in Sheep’s Clothing

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2007
By Glinda

The Wooly Mammoth!

As the Manolo would say, “Ayyyy!”

It is the Crocs for young girls masquerading as the fuzzy sheep for winter!  

If wearing these shoes, one would be advised to carefully guard one’s tender ankles. For the sheep, it looks hungry.

Yay or Nay?

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2007
By raincoaster

Stop Killing Buddhist Monks

From Can’t See the Forest.

I just can’t leave this picture alone. It’s a heavy issue, for a mommyblog. But I think we can handle it, we can handle the essential quandary here.

That quandary is this:

On the one hand, unless one is a member of the tyrannical Burmese junta, it is really very hard if not impossible to argue with the sentiment of this kid’s sign. He is adorable, and he is peacefully exercising his freedom of speech, and he is surely on the side of the angels, and he is dressed mighty fierce just for bonus points. And as a former protesty flowerchild myself, I heart him and recognize him as one of My People.


How much of his being there was his idea? No way did that child write that sign. Whenever I see very young children at protests, I worry that maybe they’re there because Mommy and Daddy said that is what the family is doing today, so get with it. I worry that maybe they don’t really understand the issues, or if they do, they are going along to please the parents, because that is what kids do. You know the kids kick up a fuss when it’s time to go to the mall, but they go anyway. And so with the protest. Kids are not allowed to vote. At what point are they assumed to be speaking their mind freely, without parental interference? To me, it seems like that would be … at the same age at which they can vote. And maybe that’s set too old, but that’s a whole ‘nother question.

Now, babies don’t worry me; they sleep through most of it anyway, and if you jam a “Lyndon Larouche/Ralph Nader for President” tee on someone who can’t even read, it isn’t going to bruise their delicate psyches. Nobody is going to think the baby looked up from its playpen and suggested doing up some signs and picketing the Vainglorian embassy over their mangling of the Malevolencian national anthem.

I guess my question is, how do you know when a kid is freely expressing himself politically and when s/he is being used for a cheap photo op? Because, make no mistake, that is why politicians kiss babies (and why do you think people bring them in the first place?).

I want this kid to mean this sign. But I don’t even know if he can read this sign. How do you know when to cheer and when to squint and point out the flim-flam?

No answers today. Only questions.

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