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It’s Ok to Hang Up!

By Glinda

Hang Up, Helena!

I looked at this picture, and I knew there were just some things going on here that I didn’t really like.

1) Aside from the fact that her son looks exactly like her but is male and has blonde hair, I wondered, why can I see his handsome face? Where is his helmet? I don’t care if he has training wheels, he still needs a helmet.

2) When out with a young child, girlfriend should not wear skirts that will allow everyone to see her butt if she needs to bend over.  In a bar? Fine.  With your kid?  Not fine.  Although I hate her for her nice legs.  Maybe I’m just jealous. Whatever.

3) Probably the worst thing is the cellphone that is attached to her head.  One of my pet peeves is parents who go out with their kids and do nothing but talk on their cell.   And it doesn’t even look like it is a fun conversation.  My son’s school has actually gone so far as to ban cellphones from the campus.  When at events or picking up their kids, parents are not allowed to yak away while their son or daughter tries to tell them about their painting.  Glinda approves.

4) The child has a Rolling Stones shirt on.   In pink.  I’m gonna say no.  The Rolling Stones just don’t do pink.

And, for those of you scratching their heads and saying to themselves, who is this woman, anyway?  I have this clue- Chris Isaak, Wicked Game. 

11 Responses to “It’s Ok to Hang Up!”

  1. Awesome Mom Says:

    Are you sure that is a boy child?

  2. raincoaster Says:

    Can she not afford a Blutooth headset? I mean, they make you look like a dementiod hearing voices as you toddle down the street, talking to no-one, but at least you have both hands free.

    Also with you on the skirt. That’s not your basic “hanging out with the kids, playing” skirt. It’s just not practical.

  3. Glinda Says:

    AM- Yes, his name in Mingus.

    Rain- I am always creeped out by people with Bluetooths, Blueteeths? But I agree, they are a better alternative.

  4. Margaret Says:

    Ok, I don’t have kids, BUT I cannot imagine teaching my child to ride a bike in flip flops. They tend to swerve all over the place. SEems easy way to lose a toe.

  5. kate q Says:

    I must respectfully disagree on one point: the kid does not need a helmet. Helmets for kids on two-wheelers are silly enough. Helmets for kids on bikes *with training wheels* are a symptom of a culture in sad decline.

    Haircut? He could use one. Clothes — on either of them — that don’t contribute to the drabness of the day? Might be nice. Putting the phone down and talking to the kid? Absolutely. But the bare head is perfect.

  6. Glinda Says:

    kate q- Well, we’re going to respecfully disagree with each other! If she was in California, which I am not sure of at all, state law mandates that any child under the age of 16 be equipped with a helmet. Head injuries are one of the main accidents that happen to children, and anybody on a bike on a city street, training wheels or no, is smart to wear a helmet.

  7. raincoaster Says:

    I fell off my bike when I had training wheels and hit my head and look how I turned out!

    Which you can take any way you want.

  8. Daniela Says:

    Oh, moms from my hood in London should read this. Seriously. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bunch of people so attached to their cellphones (mobile, in their language). They are probably discussing national security matters, or the strategy to save the world from doom… If only they would start from taking good care of their own kids!

  9. cheeky Says:

    kate q- kids should wear helmets, period. Kids can get tickets here for not wearing helmets, and I think that’s great, personally. I know more than one person who was spared serious injury because of a properly-worn bike helmet.

  10. Frontier Former Editor Says:

    I didn’t recognize her without the black sand clinging to her . . . .

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