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Caption Me: Katie-Lee Webster

By raincoaster

Katie-Lee Webster

We at TeenyManolo humbly express our greatest thanks to SpiritFingers, who passes from the Daily Mail along this eminently captionable pic of the sweet, yet very furry, ten-week-old Katie-Lee Webster.

Her mother, Stephanie Pleasance, said: “Most people when they see a baby say ‘Isn’t she cute?’. When people see her, they say “Look at her hair!’.”

Katie-Lee’s father, Danny Webster, added: “No one we’ve met has ever seen anything like it – we’re forever being stopped in the street and asked, ‘Is that a wig?’.”

Okay, folks, that’s right up there with patting pregnant strangers on the belly. If you can’t tell new parents their baby is cute, then please, my friends, just STFU.

Caption suggestions in the comments, please. Here’s mine:

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
is proud to announce its youngest student in history:
Elvis Weasley.”

27 Responses to “Caption Me: Katie-Lee Webster”

  1. Frontier Former Editor Says:

    This is what happens when mum plays Simply Red for nine months . . . .

  2. raincoaster Says:

    *golf clap*

  3. Sonia Says:

    How about,
    “No, bitches, Carrot Top is NOT my father!”

  4. raincoaster Says:

    Very good. And what a relief for the poor kid!

    I was thinking “Yahoo Not So Serious” but then I went off on a Hogwarts tangent, as you can see.

  5. raincoaster Says:

    I think I’m the first mommyblogger in history to use the expression “STFU” in a blog post, but the boss doesn’t seem to mind.

  6. Awesome Mom Says:

    That is some funky hair! I once saw a young baby that looked like one of those 80s trolls. My husband and I had to follow them for a bit just to get a better look. Then we ran off laughing. If her parents would just put a barrette in her hair it could look very cute.

  7. Nora Says:

    I think she’s very cute!
    And think how gorgeous she’ll be when she gets older and grows her hair out long….

  8. Krista Jo Says:

    It might not stay red…. I had hair like that when I was born, but black. Now my hair’s ash brown.

  9. Plumcake Says:

    it’s clearly an homage to David Bowie’s Aladdin Sane period. Duh.

  10. Frontier Former Editor Says:

    Then how about: “Diaper’s Too Tight to Mention . . . .”?

  11. ginny Says:

    My mother had auburn hair, my dad had bright red hair. When I was born nearly 50 years ago, I had not yet fully emerged into the world when my mother groggily demanded to know what color my hair was. They didn’t even know yet if I was a boy or a girl.

    “Is it red? Is it red? What color is its’ hair?” she kept asking. Finally, I emerged and they did all the normal “oops, here’s a baby all of a sudden” things.

    My mom kept asking about my hair color. A nurse wiped my head off, and the color was revealed against the cloth: fire-bright red and an inch long, not unlike Katie-Lee’s.

    The nurse, the doctor, and the anaesthetist burst into laughter. “Lookit the red hair on that kid,” said the doctor, chuckling. I still have issues about this.

    In my christening photo, I look a little like Vyv from The Young Ones, except without the metal studs. Very punky. My hair is still red, although there are now silver-grey threads among the flames.

    Welcome to the tribe, little Katie-Lee. Sunscreen is a lot better now than it was in my day, so wear it all the time. And remember, when people laugh, they’re just surprised at how lucky you are to be one of the Red-Headed Band, and a little envious.

  12. Spring Says:

    I’m laughing because when my four year old was about two I had someone ask me if her bright red, curly-cue hair was permed.

    PERMED??? Who perms a baby’s hair?

    Actually, there are probably people who do that. I don’t wish to know them.

  13. raincoaster Says:

    Britney would. Don’t give her ideas!

    In my opinion this kid is dead lucky. Not only is her haircolour gorgeous, but it’s shiny and smooth, not some kind of ScotFro as red hair can often be. They gelled it up for the photo, it seems.

    As for that 80’s troll…what can I say, my parents thought I looked cute that way!

  14. LaurelRose Says:

    When I was little, I had hair not totally unlike this hair, but also fell in ringlets. My parents say they were constantly being stopped and asked if it was real. What on earth could a person be thinking asking if an 18 month old’s hair was dyed?

    How about the caption: “As Katie-Lee listened to the idiocy of the strangers, she realized that there was a good chance she was the smartest among them.”

  15. raincoaster Says:

    I think that works.

  16. Rachel of Cyberia Says:

    Hooray! More redheads!
    My ex and I have very red hair; if we’d had kids, they’d have been orange-haired with transparent skin.

  17. Joan Says:

    They gelled it up for the photo, it seems.

    No, they did not, I promise you. My daughter’s hair stood straight up for months, it was hysterical. I couldn’t do anything with it (I didn’t try gel, I admit.) I have photos of DD with her 3-inch long hair sticking straight up. It just happens to some kids; eventually it gets long enough that the weight of it makes it lie down properly.

    No captions from me — I love the Hogwarts announcement, it’s perfect.

  18. raincoaster Says:

    I lived through that when my hair grew back from chemo. The only good part was, it came in wavy, so I could do the afro or I could gel it all to hell and do a marcelled wave.

    I think that pompadour calls for a little Dippety Do, don’t you? And why is it flat on the sides? Girlfriend needs a makeover, stat!

  19. Billy Oblivion Says:

    This is what happens when Sid Vicious has intercourse with Wynona Judd.

    Just sayin.

  20. raincoaster Says:

    Oh, now I need eyebleach for my mind’s eye. Thanks ever so!

  21. Frontier Former Editor Says:

    It just hit me . . . .

    Young Arthur Godfrey

  22. raincoaster Says:

    At least she’ll grow up to be famous and rich.

  23. michelle Says:

    Talk about silly statments from strangers in the street:
    When my daughter — who, coincidentally turned out to be a redhead but was mostly bald at the time — was only maybe a month old, I was carrying her in my arms somewhere when a pair of elderly ladies stopped me to look at her.
    Oh my goodness, said one of them, is that a REAL baby?

  24. raincoaster Says:

    I’m dying to know what you told them. I hope you said “No!” just to mess with their minds.

  25. Maureen Says:

    Redheads are often born with full heads of hair. Heck, the Bible says Esau was.

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