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Rocking the Bump: Halle Berry

By raincoaster

Now it can be told…

Halle Berry once occupied the treadmill next to my friend Zahid for a full hour, and he, in his particular way, noticed. Men are so competitive! Yes, this black chick (unusual in Vancouver, unless Somali FOB and thus unlikely to inhabit the gym, as the robes get caught in the belt) was not only keeping pace with him, but actually going measurably harder than him. And my friend, whose pride is not inconsequential, yet is open to correction, decided to engage this intimidating Amazon in conversation.

So he did.

And after the better part of an hour of who he was, what he did, how he’d helped the various tribes renegotiate their treaties with the Canadian government, etc, etc, you know how men are but she seemed interested and asked all the questions but eventually he got to feeling guilty for doing all the talking and he said, “but enough about me. Tell me about yourself!”

“Well, my name is Halle, and I’m an actor,” said the woman who was even then taking in several million for starring in Catwoman.

And he silently went, “D’oh!”

Halle Berry rocking the bump

In unrelated news, here is a photo of Halle Berry rocking her newly-announced pregnancy, and it must be said that few rock it better or harder. She looks, to my unpracticed eye, farther along than three months, but she looks dead hot.

I’m not so all about the visible nips, nor the unexplained diagonal tension points on the outfit (I suppose it’s avant-garde) but I love the draping and the tightness and the fact that this reveals an unabashedly preggo body, in flats. She’s not going for a win in the Drop the Baby stakes!

Yes, she’s pregnant; yes, she’s the superfantastic!

14 Responses to “Rocking the Bump: Halle Berry”

  1. ML Says:

    Wow, I didn’t know that she’s preggo. I agree with the nips thing, though. I for one, am a nip hider, but I don’t think others mind much when they show.

  2. Glinda Says:

    Sometimes as a pregnant woman, the nips just kinda spring up on their own. Hormones and such.

    But she looks fabulous, and what a gorgeous baby that is going to be!

  3. Autumn's Mom Says:

    She and the boyfriend are both gorgeous. That will be one cute kid.

  4. Twistie Says:

    Yay! for wearing flat shoes with baby on board! And cute, sparkly sandals, to boot.

    I’m glad Halle is showing good sense as well as excellent taste. Then again, I would expect no less of her.

  5. raincoaster Says:

    I love that she’s not the least bit shy about what’s going on with her body. To paraphrase Gloria Steinem: THIS is how “pregnant” looks!

  6. Ana Says:

    It just makes me sick that celebs always look so darn good when they are preggo!Waaaaah…why couldn’t it be me! She does look lovely though!

  7. Annalucia Says:

    “Well, my name is Halle, and I’m an actor.”

    What has happened to the word “actress”? Is it now forbidden?

  8. raincoaster Says:

    It’s more stagey to say “actor” as in stage actors all do it, but Made-For-TV movie actors don’t. T’was a big thing in the Seventies, when a lot of professions got renamed, so you don’t get “lady butcher” or “male secretary” anymore. Gender specificity focuses on the gender, not the activity. I leave it to those who practice a craft to tell me what to call them. It’s shorter, anyway.

    Besides, it was Vancouver. We’re all equal-opportunity up here. Maybe she thought it was the Done Thing? (which it is. I know people who go out in fishing boats who call themselves “fishers”)

  9. Junebug Says:

    Agree that she’s rocking the preggo body.
    But I gotta disagree on the overall effect. I’m sorry, but that static cling-looking wrinkly mess is just awful. This says less “avant garde” than it screams “dryer sheets, please!” Oh, and I understand about the preggo nips, but damn! Put away the cK bra already.

  10. raincoaster Says:

    Static cling? That looks like lycra to me, at LEAST 15%. She probably bought it so it would stretch to Hindenberg proportions if needed. She’ll be wearing this a lot, I think.

  11. BlueShoes Says:

    Put me in as not a fan of the dress. I think it’s actually cut for someone *more* pregnant than she is (and I agree, she looks more than 3 months, but women do start to show at different rates). That’s why the ruching near the waistline is all rucked up on her butt. The dress is cut in at the shoulders in a fashion that makes it appear that she put a t-back sportsbra top on backwards. The narrowness of the front would fail to cover most bra straps, and it does someone whose breasts have suddenly gone up a cup size or two no favors. I don’t think the color suits her either.

    Lovely woman. The dress should be taken out and shot.

  12. Alias Mother Says:

    I think that dress is a poor, poor choice. That said, thank heavens that we are finally seeing a real-looking pregnant celebrity. So often they look like stick figures with a fake pregnancy bump strapped on the front and I always think, “Ladies, the baby needs more than carrot sticks.” But Ms. Halle looks great and far more like a healthy incubator should look.

  13. raincoaster Says:

    Well, I’m just enchanted by the sass of it and the way she carries it off. I’m not pregnant and I haven’t got the guts to wear a tight lycra dress.

    You’re right, she does look healthy. The knife-edge jawline does not belong on a normal pregnant woman.

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