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bad ideas: Pimp My Daughter

By raincoaster

Taxi DriverNow, if you’ve been around the internet any length of time, you’ve seen a few lulus of URLs:

  • etc, etc

Now, most of those are unintentional portmanteau words that were born from the unsanctified mating of one perfectly respectable word with another perfectly respectable word, in a context where no-one is allowed the decency of so much as an n-dash between. Well, what do you expect, when you throw young words together like that?

But sometimes a really, really bad URL is both intentional and unintentional. Let us examine one such example:

Yes, that reads “Pimp My Daughter” and yes, it’s supposed to.

The blogmommy says the site:

“exists to have fun, build Amelia’s confidence and to introduce our family to the exciting world of blogging…If you think the name ‘PimpMyDaughter’ implies that I am willing to actually pimp my daughter then you will probably be disappointed (If your name is Bill Gates then we may be able to work something out).”

Beautiful, truly beautiful: really putting the “ass” in “Class” there, Ma. She claims she got the idea from MTV’s “Pimp my Ride” having, apparently, never in her life heard that the word pimp derived from the word…well, pimp.

Who’da seen that coming, so to speak?

When former sex trade workers are leaving you multiple comments suggesting your blog’s name is tasteless and offensive, you should consider the possibility that the blog’s name is tasteless and offensive. If you’re fine with it, brazen it out, but expect Parents Day at school to be a mite frosty for all ages. If you’re not fine with equating yourself with criminally abusive parents who rent their children out for sex, then perhaps you should consider an alternative that is slightly less criminally-abusive-parents-who-rent-their-children-out-for-sex.

I’m just sayin’.

Seriously, folks, am I alone in hoping that instead of a site to give a shy teenager some confidence, this is some sort of tricksy Russian Mail Order Bride scam? It would be a lot healthier.

24 Responses to “bad ideas: Pimp My Daughter”

  1. Jennifer in GA Says:


    After reading some past entries, I think the whole purpose of the blog is to start a modelling career for her daughter by trying to be shocking and funny. I think it’s a bit sad and pathetic.

  2. Glinda Says:

    Sometimes Moms just need to stay out of it, ya know?

  3. Twistie Says:


    Some people need lessons in Thinking Things Through.

  4. Ash Says:

    Seen this one?

    I’m planning on reporting it to the FBI for human trafficking.

  5. Poochie Says:

    The mom is a tacky dumb wh**re for lack of nicer adjectives. I think she is putting her daughter out there because SHE would really like to be sleeping around but can’t anymore (in theory).

    How dumb can people be. I’m sorry to be so rude but this is just horrible!


  6. Gigi Says:

    Completely tasteless – and I’m being kind.

  7. raincoaster Says:

    Agreed on all of the above…thanks for the marriage thing. Wow, classified ads…would they go under Livestock or Miscellaneous for Sale in the paper?

    I honestly think this is not really a self-esteem blog for a shy teenager…look at the pix. Does she look shy to you? But if it’s to raise her profile as a model, she’s got to lose the stage mother, like NOW.

  8. Nancy (nanflan) Says:

    What a sad, pathetic woman. Ugh.

  9. Ninjarina Says:

    Ugh, the decline of Western civilization right there. How much you want to bet she’s some over-botoxed, over tanned, over made up, over the hill ex-hussy that has low self-esteem? “Fun, flirty, and ubersexy” are not exactly what moms should primarily concerned with (even though they are great secondary or even tertiary attributes) and if she feels like she needs to broadcast it to the world in the very first descriptive sentence of herself, I guess we know where her priorities are.

  10. kooly Says:

    What a horrible site!

    In one entry the “Mum” bemoans her daughter’s lack of flirting skills, suggesting that her own career successes were byproducts of flirting.

    How embarrassing for the poor girl to have such a meddlesome, manipulative mother trying to manage her dating choices.

  11. Amanda Says:

    That Marry Our Daughter site can’t be real, can it? Read the testimonials.

  12. Rose Says:

    I think the site is really pathetic and I told her so in which she said : ” If your father had been that far off the mark then the world would be a much better place 🙂 ” She really is something else.

  13. raincoaster Says:

    Excellent! I must confess to being rather disappointed we haven’t seen the self-proclaimed “Yummy Mummy” over here attempting to refute our statements, but then, what could she say? “No, it’s classy! My daughter can’t develop self-esteem without her mother flaunting superior sexual wiles all over the internets! But she’s going to be a star, I tell you, a STAR! Just as soon as she comes out of her room…NO WIRE HANGERS!!!”

  14. YM Says:

    I hate to disappoint fans 🙂 Hope you are all having fun setting the world to rights one pointless comment at a time. As i said to Rose – women in your country are REALLY being pimped. Why don’t you focus on ending that? Or is it easier to play let’s pretend online than to confront gangsters? 🙂 x

  15. raincoaster Says:

    Dolores Umbridge speaks!

    Yes, dear. And children in your country are being pimped by their parents…and you proudly wear that label. Seriously, woman, ex-hookers are leaving you comments saying you should reconsider. Perhaps you should indeed reconsider.

    And if you stick around and read the actual posts (as we did to your site) you’d see that I also put the addresses of people and corporations who advocate attacking children.

    But you must be too busy pimping your daughter.

  16. raincoaster Says:

    Is it any wonder I distrust people who use smilies?

  17. raincoaster Says:

    She still doesn’t read the damn site, but it’s no wonder, with all the time she spends emailing me!

  18. Lori Says:

    I once watched an interview with some B-list actress who admitted to using Botox, telling the host, essentially (I’m paraphrasing), “Well, did I expect, when my mother used to come into my room at night as a pre-teen and slather cold cream all over my face!”

    There are women who torture their children with wire hangers, others who do it with their hangups.

  19. raincoaster Says:

    Yes indeedy. I’ve been thinking of an old school friend who slept in a bra every night since she was ten, to preserve the delicate lift of her ta-tas. She’s in her forties: as Miss Manners says, what wonderful, far-off day is she preserving them for?

  20. Rose Says:

    Better be careful or she will threaten to mock you publicly like she did me. lol

  21. raincoaster Says:

    Oh, she won’t. She read on my personal blog that I predicted she would blog about it, and so now she won’t do it. But I really, really hope she does, because it’s FABULOUS for hits!

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