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the cure for the baby birk

By raincoaster

BirksWe are agreed, are we not, that however comfortable they may be, Baby Birkenstocks are no more aesthetically pleasing than the adult version? They’re also significantly less fun than typical children’s shoes as well, looking very much like what your stern Germanic podiatrist forces you to wear to correct the problems that surfaced after thirty years on a chorus line.

We are further agreed, I’m sure, that babies and toddlers have the right to comfortable shoes that help their little feets grow straight or curvy in the ways and places that Nature intended, and that such shoes shouldn’t cost a fortune.

Check out poor little Suri Cruise here. She may be smiling on the outside, but you just gotta know that she’s crying on the inside, and no wonder; those shoes belong on the feet of a Thirteenth Century Flemish serf. We at TeenyManolo have scoured the Internet (really, it’s sparkling!) and come up with an attractive, supportive and practical shoe that even a podiatrist’s overprotective mother would love:
the Papush walking shoe:

the Papush

And Francesca at ManoloBig has found the Stride Rite Marissa, a shoe that’s also comfy and supportive, but is as pretty as a pink unicorn as well.

Zappos floral toddler shoes

7 Responses to “the cure for the baby birk”

  1. Awesome Mom Says:

    What about a cute shoe for boys?

  2. Glinda Says:

    Awesome Mom, I’ve got your back. Check for my post tomorrow, which deals with exactly this issue.

  3. raincoaster Says:

    I had to get the white shoes in like, NOW, but the Papush comes in a nice navy that would work just fine for boys. I’m not a shoe sexist; just a realist who knows that putting Joe Jr. in the second pair here would result in some gender confusion.

  4. Frontier Former Editor Says:

    A pox on Birkenstocks!

  5. Glinda Says:

    They look comfy.

  6. raincoaster Says:

    Oh, they are. And so is going naked or wearing footie pjs. But we don’t do those things in public, do we? I’m with Miss Manners, who says that you can do whatever you like in the privacy of your own closet, but etiquette, and standards, apply when you are out in public.

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